Carcoin is the simplest, safest and most convenient method of selling your car, backed by an extensive network of experienced and competitive dealers who are prepared to take the risk and stress out of your car sales experience.

We don’t just connect private sellers to dealers, we seek out the highest price possible by linking you with a dealer that specialises in buying cars like yours. We help you maximise your profit by casting our net far and wide, which is more effective than approaching a few local dealers, or using an online car buying service.

We take the time to get to know you, and your car. We understand the car market and share our knowledge to help you navigate its constantly changing conditions.

Our service to you is absolutely free.

You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing you are dealing with reputable, fully licensed dealers with full legal protection, operating Australia wide and willing to come to you for any type of car. There is no need for a roadworthy certificate, and the transfer is completely taken care of on your behalf, with a sale finalised in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Other selling options, and why they don’t compare

When you decide to sell your car, a little bit of knowledge about your car and the car market can go a long way in helping you make the right decision about which sales approach you want to take.

There are so many reasons why people sell their car, and so many different avenues for selling that are just not suitable for some personal situations.

All options have their advantages and disadvantages, however it is so important that the sales process can ultimately achieve your end goals, which might look something like this:

  • A successful sale
  • Low or no risk
  • Low stress
  • Time saving
  • Money saving

Of all the selling options available, a private sale may enable you to negotiate the highest selling price, however it is certainly the riskiest, with the highest amount of time required, and often comes with the stress of dealing with many people over a long period of time.

The process of selling at auction can be time consuming with fees and costs associated.

Trade ins and online car buying services usually provide the least amount of money, while selling on consignment carries some legal risks and responsibilities that can sometimes be out of your control.

Carcoin is the most convenient, safe, simple and hassle-free approach to selling your car, immediately.

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